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The Sound Singing Institute

The Sound Singing Institute is dedicated to helping professional and aspiring singers reach their goal through anatomically and physiologically based voice training and care of the voice. The Sound Singing Institute trains all styles of singers from jazz to rock to gospel to opera. The knowledgeable professionals and many years of experience have given them the know-how to work with singers wishing to improve their skills, as well as singers wishing to keep their voice at an optimum level. The Sound Singing Institute is unique in that doctor Radionoff not only provides the above mentioned services but is especially adept at working with injured voices.

The key goals of the Sound Singing Institute are to facilitate vocal health, promote a balanced sound production, along with freedom and ease of sound production and to aid in the development of efficiency for longevity of vocal career. It is possible to use efficient, healthy technique no matter what style you sing. There is healthy technique and then there are stylistic tools. In regard to vocal styles and stylistic tools, there are many vocal sounds that can be made and some sounds have the potential to be harmful. For example, ‘grit’, ‘growling’ and glottal onsets are stylistic effects found in rock, country, and pop music. These tools must be used with the least amount of tension needed to avert damage.


  • Reaching key goals

  • Client education of the vocal instrument

  • Client education of vocal health

  • Client education of his/her diagnoses and what it means functionally

To achieve goals:
Building block method —> Airflow, Phonation, Resonance

And then articulation and agility and power.

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